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Residential Boilers

Posted on July 8, 2016 in News

Boilers – installations, which heats the working fluid (usually water) for heating or steam supply. They are located in one technical area and connect with consumers by heating and / or steam. The basic unit of the facility is steam, Fire-tube and / or hot water boilers. Boiler rooms are divided by the process allocated by heat (hot water, steam, the superheated water thermo), by purpose (heating, process), by type of fuel used (gas, diesel, gas diesel, oil, gas, fuel oil, solid fuel), the Options (the block-modular roof, fixed, attached, built-in). The goal of any boiler – it's heat output for further use. Under-standing stationary boiler (industrial or household) is commonly understood building for heating fluid at a certain distance from the industrial, residential or office buildings.

Stationary boiler housed in a permanent building – already existing or newly constructed, its construction – it is a laborious and lengthy process. Stationary buildings and structures may be erected at the site of designs sandwich, they can be as detached and adjoined. However, the construction of a stationary boiler structures also requires more time and labor costs for installation of interior equipment: boilers, pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, instrumentation, electrical equipment. Roof said steam boiler or hot water boiler, which is placed on the roof of the building itself or on a specially constructed based on the roof. Roof units can be fitted under construction or reconstruction of the building if you can not use district heating.

Such boilers used for heating or hot water supply, as industrial buildings, as well as administrative and housing. Building roof designs are usually in a densely built-up areas. Dense buildings and the high cost of land in these areas make the construction of terrestrial plants heat production prohibitively expensive, and the heating system does not allow for a warm new building. Unlike other embodiments, integrated boiler is going directly into the building for other purposes. Such boilers are installed regardless of the ground floor accommodation. Built-in installation may be equipped with built or renovated buildings. As a rule, they are used when there is no possibility or inappropriate use district heating. Building boiler can be performed not only in steady, but the block-modular design. Modular boilers, production of which involve multiple enterprises, today are becoming more popular. Modular installation of a modular building and comes in the form of blocks of high factory readiness to set the main and auxiliary equipment. On-site units are assembled in a single building. Modular boilers are the most expensive and best way to get the necessary power for heating and hot water supply of residential houses, industrial and manufacturing facilities. The advantages of modular boiler installations in the capital before the buildings are obvious: cheaper building designs, quick installation, reducing the length of heating for through the optimal choice of mounting the boiler unit.