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Posted on November 12, 2012 in News

MADNESS IN the ROOM OF SUPPER (THIN, Jaques. Madness in the supper room. So Paulo: Copyright, 1991) Trieste, Italian city, was palco of one of the biggest revolutions in the area of psychiatry, therefore there that, it was questioned for the first time existence and the validity of the psychiatric hospitals. By means of Basaglia Franc and its team, in the decade of 70, madness opened the doors, jumped the walls of the hospital and, it seated comfortably in the supper room. Being thus, one perceives that these aimed at to restitute the mental sick person, who although everything is a citizen who suffers and, that it needs to come back toward the society in order to reconstruct its identity.

Standing out that, after Pinel? that the lunatic asylum was transformed into human hospital, therapeutical place and/or, also, of containment, the social exclusion – what it was a refugee in Trieste was the fact most important in psychiatry terms. However, one notices that by means of this process, the doctors had lost a considerable parcel of the power whom they withheld, therefore already did not give more account to explain behavior of the insane person that left to the street, however, if saw the necessity to appeal to others to know such as psychology, the psychoanalysis and sociology. Considering that, not only the doctors, but all Italian society was affected by the repercussions of the opening of the lunatic asylum. In way that, for the opening of the psychiatric hospital he is not enough to abate the thickness of the walls, that is, to extinguish the psychiatric hospital is necessary to invent new strategies, therefore that, in Trieste, the insane person was not abandoned to the streets, but yes he reconquered the possibility to cover them. Being that, the psychiatric assistance continued existing, therefore, if it can count on the support of the Center of Mental Health of 8hrs 20hrs, with alternative structures e, the apartments of group of ' ' utentes' ' (impregnated term to substitute sick person, patient), being these last indispensable ones to propitiate the former-patients or to the usuaries the chance of reconstruction of its proper life, its space and its identity.