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The Pointer

Posted on December 8, 2012 in News

Before to worry it does not advance me. It orders the machine motion-niveladora to smooth the internal roads of the farm and one that passed in the verge that bound other cities. It was a city road. Return and way liked to take bath in a river that had a cold and dark water well. It jumped from above of a rock and there it dived. It went up in the waterfall and there he was bare looking at the nature. its nature and the Nature mother. The Pointer dog, had a peculiar name: Dog.

It found an education lack to place proper name of people in dog. Then it was Dog comes here, Dog runs to catch that ball and was Dog for and Dog there pra here. The two if understood. One day bought a parabolic antenna and a television. Now yes it was informed of what it happened in the world, distant of its farm. It received magazines techniques, periodicals and news, listened to radio, but the television was different.

Reporter was seated in the room attending, when he remembered that he had not informed an employee regarding an embarkment of tourinhos to be displayed. He ordered to call the such employee. How much this entered in the room, fainted. But that quaint thing? The man enters in the room, of the one shout and faints. Ammonia and soon wakes up. What man of God happened? However, I never had seen this type of people, inside of this falante box, I scared myself and I fainted. Thus it was its life, the unknown scares, the joys many of them never expressed. Contained eaten I know that to love I go you, for all my life I to love I go you. To each farewell I go to cry and to each kiss you. The car stopped. The tears now ran untied. It did not soluava because it had shame of itself exactly. I cry but it cries was it of the soul. The name dog Dog simply looked at as that understanding the situation. It could not make nothing, not to be solidary with that look of pido. Because my God? Because? The lights of the city could be seen. To the few> eyeglasses of close eyeglasses of close Champagne in the certain point of cold. They had not come back toward none of the apartments. They had taken up quarters in sute presidential of optimum hotel of the capital. It would be indiscretion to tell the love moments. But it would not be certain to leave to tell the scene that if repeated many years later: The minguinhos fingers if had interlaced, made the signal de a Cruz in the lips and finally they had been hugged. The agreement was firmed. Firmed and consumed. Now body and soul had been delivered of, one to the other. The day already ran high. They had waked up hugged. A fruit, a juice. The taste bitter taste of the mouths disappeared. That kiss, that moment. They had come back toward the apartment of it. then the fact occurred. When opening the door of the apartment heard it music: I know that to love I go you, for all my life to love you to I.