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Posted on April 13, 2013 in News

Great travel, cheap travel, travel with backpack, weekend getaways, and thus a long list of possibilities are that today’s traveler is day, possibilities which accommodate the thousand and one current traveller’s profile; something very remote possibilities of nineteenth-century travelers who filled pages of novels and travel diaries, telling us stories and charm-filled adventures that were only available to the well-off that, at the time, were also adventurous. Indeed, they were different times, different travelers pioneers who embarked on big trips that lasted even months and which is roamed long distances using multiple and even exotic means of transport whose ultimate fate were places of dreams, full of magic and charm, unique places in which coincided with just a small group of travelers and those who comfort and luxury were premises given by alleged. They certainly were the times of the great luxury hotels, from large cruise ships, the big express trains and which details and excellent service to the traveller were not a plus, but something intrinsic to the transportation service offered. As a consequence of the above, in those times the aim of the trip was not the target itself same considered, but that was the entire trip itself: since one went up to the means of transport until he returned to his home. Indeed, travel is enjoyed in its entirety, in all its aspects, in each and every detail, from the simplest coffee in the dining car of the express train to the most delicious meal at the restaurant of the hotel accommodation. Today, however, we find that the possibility of travelling has been universalized, is almost within reach of everybody to the have been cheaper greatly transportation costs and the having burst into the tourism market competition, which has offered travelers the possibility to compare prices among the millions of travel deals cheap that every day can be found in the travel agencies and web pages of travel, something that has undoubtedly democratized the yesteryear social travel exclusivism and has approached the ordinary mortals to discover worlds, places and cultures once reserved only to the most affluent.