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Posted on April 21, 2013 in News

The way to enjoy without spending much at present, the majority of people spend more money than expected during your vacation. Reduce costs and have a good stay is not so complicated. Here are some ideas to save money during your vacation. My friend and I wanted to go to Barcelona and have fun in this beautiful place. So we chose a hotel and did book a flight. We really enjoyed the weekend, however to get home we realized that we had exceeded (more than 500 euros than expected) expenses for a trip to the city for two. L. Smith Barcelona 2010 most popular cities are one of the objectives of the travelers, though they are also a relaxing village with beach or an adventurous vacation.

The issue is that you often return the ideal stay and and check excessive spending that you have done. People continually have the same problem. One of the following questions that one becomes is where has gone to all that money? in what I have spent so much?. It is not necessary go through that moment of remorse, since in reality a good vacation and a cheap stay are fully compatible. Therefore. I would like to give some advice.

As an employee of a company that specializes in apartments for rent in Barcelona, I frequently receive such comments. For me this was the time to write an article to give some advice to future customers of reservations and show some practical ideas. The most important requirements of a vacation can be summarized quickly. In summary, are the accommodation, food and transportation, of course. We are going to focus on some of the things mentioned and give ideas to not spend so much money. Transportation: are fly for less than 30 euros just a rumor? The first questions that you should ask yourself are: 1.