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Posted on December 15, 2012 in News

The man who spoke alone. Clement the man heard intently who spoke alone. It said of that mansions and castles only live in the side of lakes, that reflect the sun and the moon, of them, as well as it was, its, the mountains, the sea and beach. Of that servant as differentiated beings, that all has the universe turning to its redor and if they heat to the heat that, they than more human, emanate as deuses onipotentes detainers of the power, capable of everything, until will be the case to make the land to stop to turn, the more of a heart to stop to beat. That they can love to who wanting or hating to its bel pleasure, honoring, disdaining, blessing or cursing. Easy they are for these immortal powerful ones, superior beings to its fellow creatures, or seemed, for walking on two legs, qui they wanted that the others walked of four legs.

More easy still it is to say of the miseries human beings, when comfortably it has been installed in magnificent apartments, castles, palaces of front for the sea, that sea todinho its, created to only decorate its landscapes, which can to become solely calm or furious depending on its state of spirit and will. It said and moved with the head signaling reprovao. In determined moment he looked at for the sky and he asked for the God, who pardoned it and to all saying to be humanity very young still incapable to have agreement of the things. He asked for pardon for being interfered and to want to understand the people more and than this, to judge them it light of its immense ignorance and smallness. He also asked for pardon for that if they impose for the fear, that implants the economic chaos, the social agitation and moral depravation. These that they do not fish, do not plant, but they manufacture or they buy devices of destruction in mass, righten, kill conquer, for greed, arrogance, pretension.

These that, as all will beat the door of the true one, Sir, without its masks, pointed hoods, disguises, hour where they will be completely naked, on the inside and for are and that they will make them to the fear to fall of four, showing that before God it does not have this valentia, imposed for the terror of who has to be able and weapons. The man who even so was wild, but did not demonstrate madness questioned if these would not be the divulged Antichrists mentioned in as many writings since its citation in the Bible. He would be so more easy and less dispendioso to believe and to follow the Biblical rules that to try to prove not the existence of God. ' ' The man already spent richnesses and more richnesses, time and more time, trying to prove that God does not exist and not conseguiu' '. The wild man in its unfruitful gossip argued that the humanity could be happy if followed the manual of instructions, that one inspired and dictated by God and proclaimed by others as many malucos. The man kept silent, followed its way and lost itself in the multitude. Clement he came back toward the college thinking: ' ' That one that follows justice and the goodness will find the life, justice and honra' '. Bible