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Wooden House Construction

Posted on December 16, 2018 in News

If you planned construction of a wooden house on the ground, but you all my life lived in an apartment with utilities and amenities, then you should prepare yourself for some hardships that are possible when Living in a private home. Prepare, as well as possible to eliminate these burdens at the initial stage. For most people, the main difficulty is the lack of a warm bathroom in the house and, accordingly, "nocturnal march" on street. Well, if there is no way to drain, then the only option in this situation is to build a warm toilet. First of all, its walls should be insulated so that this building could hold heat. Today there are many types of heaters that are applicable in this case. Also, you can use double walls, between which should fill concrete block.

Fixed a small heater in the toilet (or lamp) in the presence of heat-insulating walls, is able to heat the indoor air to a temperature that will be more comfortable for people, even the severe frosts. The second "inconvenience" to the degree of significance is the lack of centralized water supply and drainage of fluid from the technical Basin, located in the kitchen wooden private houses. This problem can be solved as follows. Take two dvuhsotlitrovye barrel and boil them in by welding together pre-cut off from one barrel bottom. Then, in the welded structure should be to drill a large number of small holes, through which could leave the water.

Next, you need to dig this barrel somewhere in the yard (preferably at some distance from the windows) and make a strong pipeline, so it can not be damaged during the cold season. The resulting septic tank hatch cover and sprinkle with thermal insulation material (Insulation, leaves, debris, etc.). Such is the homemade drain will operate year round, but every year, it will need to be cleaned. If you do not understand that the wooden house must be constantly repair, or not ready for it, it can serve as an alternative construction of a brick house. Brick house stronger and in some cases (if the house will stand on dry ground, and the floors will not sweat), even requires the mound. Naturally neither change the crowns after a certain number of years, or paint the house, no hemming is required.