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Posted on January 10, 2019 in News

Currently many people search perfect and if possible everything soon and pra yesterday! We live at a time of multiple expectations and diverse activities, each time more the word anxiety is present in the daily one. Some lose sleep, others gnaw the nails, ahead have those that increase the appetite, of important events as tests, interview of job, marriage, the first day in the new school, etc. are waited that new and the unknown one frightens, occupying the mind with what it can happen. A research carried through for the Wayne Dyer University disclosed that the people pass much time of the life suffering for the last events or fearing and desiring the futures, not thinking or same living the gift. This concern with tomorrow takes off its focus of today. Good anxiety until certain point, therefore stimulates the man the action, but as everything that is excessively makes badly, must be intent, therefore the concern with future the cause much expectation, many times associated to the haste, to the fear, in extreme cases leading to the desperation, being able to migrar for a psicopatologia: Upheaval of Generalized Anxiety, that according to DSM-IV loads as characteristic the extreme concern, occurring per many days, for last the six months, causing fidget, fatigue, difficulty of concentration, muscular tension and irritability. In the majority of the cases the patient does not obtain to recognize the problem, not even she controls it, causing social and professional damage. If it distrusts that something of wrong is happening a professional is indicated for a diagnosis and treatment. Changing alimentary habits, diminishing the caffeine, including physical exercises, taking care of of sleep, are actions that contribute for the physical and mental balance.