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Posted on June 3, 2016 in News

Lean management: Secret of slimmer processes each company that wants to permanently exist on the market, must keep its costs under control. Continuous cost management is therefore as an integral part of the corporate culture to anchor, and it should cover all areas of the operation. Ultimately, an efficient cost management must cover all departments of a company, it must include as well the research and development such as the production or the entire administrative functions like human resources, controlling and marketing. Often, it is hardly recognizable for the employees of a company, which the established process steps are unnecessary, which can be made more efficient and which are missing. At this point, a good lean management engages in the enterprise and provides initially for more transparency in the current process is in several steps on this basis to develop an optimal target process. Help standards, which should lead to simplified and faster processes.

The classic approach of lean management is so in the Visualization of existing processes and in the subsequent standardization of new processes. Taking over this promising optimization approach for the research and development of a company formed by a lean and flat management finally the lean development. At the beginning of the visualization is a company, which wants to simplify its processes, initially transparent will make these processes. A visualization using standardized tools is essential. In the best case it uses a trained facilitator, who dominated his tools in terms of lean management and lean development. Although the classic tools such as a SIPOC or a process sketch are easy to learn, but it is yet to comply with some important guidelines, so that the desired success actually occurs. It is explicitly desired solutions initially to refrain from, since it’s understandable to prepare the existing is process for all involved in this first phase of the process optimization only on at the beginning and to visualize.