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The Old Dream Of Your Own Four Walls

Posted on November 23, 2018 in News

If you are planning to buy a property, then better every other for rent and that today when living in Germany in the coming years even though the desire for your own four walls is greater than ever before. This result provided a survey of Baufinanzierungspool24. Here, most of those surveyed by one of the country house (23%), a classic family house (21%) or even the Villa dream trappings 15 with lots of greenery. Unfortunately, the financial resources are often limited, so that the purchase of a condo for over 25% of respondents is most likely to imagine. At the House are together dream and reality to the next, because 20% of respondents think that this type of real estate most likely comes is in question. The times speak for the purchase of a real estate”, so S.Dreier CEO of Baufinanzierungpool24. Looking at the yield curve of the last 40 years, so are the interest rates are still at historically low levels.

It is useful to bring in equity, but also for customers without equity may be the desire of own real estate realized be”. The opinions split again into 2 camps. “A” recommend the use of an equity capital of the 20 per cent – the other “advise prefer today to buy the property, and now instead of the rent, to pay off the home equity. We have for almost every customer solution”to three. It is important to compare the offers of different banks. Not only the interest rate is important, but also the individual details E.g. whether processing fees, whether deployment free are calculated times, whether unscheduled repayments are possible or whether a change of repayment costs.