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Inhabitant Teacher

Posted on December 22, 2012 in News

But let us come back to marchinhas. In good part, its entronizao in the semiolgico universe of the Carioca soccer if must the Lamartine Babo, that, in 1945, composed the marches of: America, Bangu, Bonsucesso, Botafogo, I sing of the River, Flamengo, Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Madureira, Pottery, Are Cristvo and Vasco. These marches of Lal had been adopted as true ' ' hinos' ' , officers of some clubs, extra-officers of others. As Lamartine he was a great composer of marchinhas of carnival, as ' ' Your hair not nega' ' , it is clearly that the marches of the clubs have an undeniable carnavalesco DNA however, without opening hand of the epic tone that came of the hymns of years 10. Said this, it can be concluded that illustrious torcedor of America really renewed the hinrio of the soccer clubs. The compositions had been launched weekly, all tuesday, in a called program ' ' Train of alegria' ' , in the Mayrink Radio Fertile valley. Lamartine, the keep-brakes, Hber de Bscoli, the machinist, and Yara Sales, the foguista, formed ' ' Trio of Osso' ' (one trocadilho with ' ' Gold trio, formed for Dalva de Oliveira, Herivelto Martins and Nile Chagas).

Some say that it was a challenge of Bscoli, that it accepted. Others, that it practically was locked in an apartment, debtor to fulfill the task. We could finish the chapter here, but we go a little ahead. Fact is that it had of if helping of some ' ' citaes' ' musical comedies, some ' ' inspiraes' ' thus goes. After all, it does not have creativity that it resists a maratona of these. Therefore, the march of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro has the letter of Lamartine, but for music it used to advantage marchinha Black and white, of Lyrio Panicalli (the letter age of Silvino Grandson), a So Paulo teacher, son of Italians professor of the teacher and tricolor Tone Jobim.