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Energy Performance Certificate

Posted on February 29, 2024 in News

7 is the energy performance certificate duty now is also in the commercial sector where, of the energy performance certificate is. After the certificate now in residential buildings is mandatory and must be submitted well any tenant or tenants also now tighten the commercial buildings. From Jul 1, 2009, the energy performance certificate for non-residential buildings is mandatory. In contrast to the energy performance certificate for buildings there freedom of choice between the consumption financial statement and the statement of need. There 2007 exact provisions in the “EnEV” when what card must be issued. Freedom of choice is now in non-residential buildings. But also here there is need to hire a professional such as an energy consultant with the card is issued.

This shows then also for 10 years and must be renewed again. There is but still a point that followed must be, to take account of the requirements of the legislator. An important requirement is that the energy performance certificate for non-residential buildings of more than 1000 square meters floor space and a permanent visitor traffic as z.b in Town halls, hospitals and be publicly displayed in schools and to the general public must be made accessible. The introduction of the certification by the Federal Government has the sense to bring the citizens energy and energy saving. It is ecologically as economically makes sense to employ, as in our future energy resources be better used with this topic. It is called in many places already oil peak and so is also in the interest of our children sense the existing resources to deal with it, and to create an understanding of the problem. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jos Shaver is the place to go. The energy performance certificate is only a first step in this direction and should be committed by anyone.

Germany Trubadu

Posted on November 12, 2023 in News

Heating with the power of the Sun – Solar air collectors themselves build currently on the market available solar air collectors are still very expensive relative to the collector. So are the payback periods in the range of 15-20 years. solar air collectors since 2008 for the construction of the self. The self construction air collectors work very effectively, are simple in design and can be combined well with existing heating systems. Solar air collectors thus directly contribute to the saving of energy, work independently and can be easily retrofitted to almost every building.

The air collector used as a medium of air, which is heated and blown by fans directly in the rooms to be heated in the collector. Compared to the hot water collector, an air collector respond faster to changing irradiation conditions and works very effectively in the cold season. Read more from Stephen M. Ross to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Efficiencies of 50-70% are the rule, the air flow rate of the projects presented by is up to 250 m/h. In new and thus almost airtight, well insulated buildings contribute the air collectors to improve the room climate. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala addresses the importance of the matter here. The required air change rates are thus due to the supply by means of fresh preheated air reached – CO2 critical values for residential building significantly exceeded. A combination with a controlled load and ventilation systems, as well as an air to air heat pump are possible and increase its efficiency.

Combined with the unique in Germany Trubadu air storage in PCM memory boards so far day surplus quantities for the night can be saved and thus ensures a pleasant room climate. presents four air collectors and a PCM air space to the replica. Meanwhile, over 2,000 customers building instructions for the various reconstruction projects have acquired. 95% of them come from Germany, the remaining 5% are spread all over the world. Interesting reference projects are the heating of an Iraqi school, as well as a yurt in the Mongolia. In Indonesia, a reconstruction project is used to dry tea leaves and in Sweden for the venting of holiday homes. Due to the air collector Kit S-line is developed the experience that a not inconsiderable number of projects does not come to realize since the procurement constitutes a not inconsiderable amount of time, 2011. All parts are available and included in the Kit. The replica is very easy and estimated no more than 4-6 hours of work. With a low-cost air collector Kit occupies a market niche and thus contributes to a wider dissemination of the air collector in Germany.