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Network Marketing

Posted on April 28, 2017 in News

For those who confuse Network Marketing with pyramid fraud. We learn by clarifying concepts. Today I want to talk about a fairly widespread problem due to rogue camouflage that many unscrupulous tricksters make their studied illegal strategies, wanting to give a clean appearance of MLM business to their deceptive plans, seriously damaging the image of the network marketing and achieving an atmosphere of confusion that many times does collateral damage: blame the innocent, as it is the case that concerns us. Even people without malice in a principle who took part in its past of some business of network marketing that failed for the reason that is, is discouraged and abandoned, they will venture to cross out this kind of Marketing as something that is not: A pyramid. In Network Marketing effort, it is necessary in every business or business activity. And even if sometimes there are obstacles, can not serve us an excuse to say something that is not. With tenacity and effort, perseverance and dedication, and passion for what It is made will prosper. Not doing anything, or trying a business as a hobby, it is difficult to move or cover objectives.

There is a small key, with common sense, to clearly distinguish a MLM business one con. Observe if it exists, in that occasion, a product or service of value, whether real or virtual, that it deserves the approximate amount that requests for access to your compensation Plan and your purchase. When there is no product or service, or this is not verifiable, can be a signal that is telling us that it is most likely something very far from the genuine MLM, that is not a strategy more than direct sales as it is the case of Network Marketing. I hope and wish that these lines serve as a help when it comes to distinguish both concepts. In any case, my advice is stay alert to opportunities that we can offer or we can find. All is not gold that glitters.

Ramiro Ruiz Rojas

Posted on March 8, 2017 in News

The word carbohydrates often provokes more fear in the genteque words Monday morning, taxes and Tiburoncombinadas. (AAAhhhh!)Maybe your fears have some merit (but you don’t have porquegritar), since many of the carbohydrates that are ennuestros supermarkets, currently really make us more quarreling well. Most breads, pastas, cereals, biscuits crackers ygalletas are overloaded from refined flour, the cualresulta be one of the main causes of the rate the planet deobesidad is to the upside.Herein lies the dilemma.Really need carbohydrates parafuncionar properly. Your brain doesn’t work as well sincarbohidratos (mmm this explains some things in ciertaspersonas you know?), in addition, could feel without energy ysin motivation to make anything (including the cosasdivertidas) if lack them. where are the happy balance?

How can obtenersuficientes carbohydrates to keep a healthy body yprevenir back to gain weight, or better? still, for perderpeso? which carbohydrates you should modify in tuplan of current feed to help your body adeshacerse of your unwanted weight? Starts with one or two alimentosy replaced them with more healthy carbohydrates such as lasbatatas, brown rice, cereals such as millet and quinoa.Remember, there is no need to follow a diet low encarbohidratos.Just choose the appropriate carbohydrates yveras as the weight decreases. If you’re still not sure decual is the difference, the list of foods that are in elmanual the program eat to lose, you can clarify cualquierconfusion you may have with respect to carbohydrates, providing you with a detailed list of exactly cualescarbohidratos are a perfect addition to any effective weight loss plan.