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Merida, Tourism And Culture

Posted on January 14, 2011 in News

Merida, capital of Yucatan, also known as the "White City" and named the American Capital of Culture in 2000 was built on the ruins of the Mayan people as you can still find some traces of past life in different areas of the city. The Center is the area most visited by foreign and local because it is home to most of the old buildings and representative of the city, many of them converted into and up, ranging from hostels which offer comfortable and colorful hammocks its guests to exclusive hacienda style boutique hotels or where perfectly combine the luxury and comfort. a It is also in the Centre where bases are concentrated in many business areas and it is a very popular area every day. However, in the evening when most shops start to close their doors, many s draw their tables and chairs on the sidewalks or even the streets and you can see a more bohemian (the streets surrounding the main park do not allow pass vehicles on weekends so you can easily walk on them, enjoy a coffee, listen to a trio or a Yucatecan trova or even dance to the beat of a musical group of some of the local restaurants that offer live music) A few blocks from Main Park also called Plaza Grande is the famous Lucas de Galvez market where people gather around to buy and sell all kinds of goods, worth mentioning that in this market also offers an array of sweets, especially in the Day of the Dead celebrations or Hanal Pixan (Food of the a NIMAS) as people usually put on their altars as an offering to their dead.