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Housing Estates Near Moscow

Posted on February 8, 2011 in News

Modern Muscovites do not want to, as before, to live in the stone jungle and looking for a more comfortable environment for his life. Buy a house in the suburbs, besides, it became more profitable than buy an apartment in the city. It seems that the capital city as if stretched, and where only yesterday were empty plots of land in the Moscow region there are new buildings and complexes with well-developed infrastructure, a better course than in the sleeping areas of the golden-domed. Go the countryside and live in townhouse in the suburbs want to almost every other modern city dweller.

The cottage village – a traditional way of suburban life in the presence of modern technology, a comfort of the city and the magic Nature. Advantages of the new life of cottage settlements are obvious: a healthy environment, beautiful scenery, attention to detail infrastructure, a single style of architecture in the cottage village, round the clock security, comfort and unity with nature. Now increasingly the choice of citizens is in favor of suburban housing in a cottage village near Moscow, since the modern villas and townhouses are not only not inferior to urban apartments on level of comfort, but also often surpass them. To date, in all directions suburbs built a large set of residential estates and it is not the limit – cottage settlements continue to be built. Considered the most prestigious cottage villages, located on the west of Moscow: Rublevo Uspenskoye, , Pyatnickoe highway.

These trails are not passing, there are no heavy vehicles in these areas, the most favorable environmental conditions suburbs. Basically here is dominated by the elite cottage villages club type, premium class, the cost of cottages which are available only to the most secured people. Among the cottage settlements middle class are popular Kaluga, Kiev, Dmitrovskoye direction. Kaluga highway among the top three on the number of transactions in the new cottage villages and Dmitrovskoe rich in its diverse infrastructure, sports facilities, water reservoirs. Less popular destinations in the area and construction of new cottage villages, and demand for villas and townhouses on the part of buyers are Leningrad, Ryazan, Gorky highway. This is due to the heavy workload runs and traffic jams. Factors such as dust, dust, exhaust gases have a negative impact on the natural environment. But it is worth remembering that the choice of country cottage is significantly different from the choice of a city apartment. If the selection of apartments in the right area depends on the layout and parameters of the apartment, the choice of a country house is inseparable from a cottage settlement. There are important: planning a cottage settlement, the location of a cottage in the framework of the village, easy access roads and the remoteness of the route, the availability of, or at least provided the necessary infrastructure facilities. All these parameters can be assessed only on the spot by visiting a gated development. But given that today in Moscow is more than 500 cottage villages, to visit and evaluate all – a task impossible. On the other hand, only visit several cottage communities or buy a house, into the first cottage near Moscow, will also be incorrect output.