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Good Offense

Posted on October 7, 2013 in News

There is duels that by his time, liturgy and magnitude dimension to the minor tournaments, have life by themselves, because from the point of view of the applicant is at stake the hierarchy of football while serve the champion to underline in workdays of the preseason the Authority gained in solemn dates of last year. The last example would be the Spanish Supercup which Barca won him to Madrid. And on the other hand give confrontations whose greatness comes underlined, particularly by the mark of the competition, as the European Supercup, which faces to the holder of the Champions of the Europa League. The latest edition, as it usual Louis II of Monaco is celebrated at the stadium, disputed it today the own Barcelona and Porto, seeded for the next Champions League, circumstance that increases the range and prestige of the party. Source of the news:: the best defense is a good offense