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Posted on March 26, 2017 in News

Dra. Solange Lins the houses if decorate, the city if it illuminates, the colors move and until the climate if it defines of different form. We could call the fifth station of the year. Station of the fusing of the sun rays of the Summer I smell, it of wet land and the cold of the Winter, the soft breeze of the Autumn devastando the trees for them to impose a new foliage and I smell it candy and colorful of the Spring. It swims, absolutely nothing is compared with the spirit of the Christmas. A ambincia of wait has all. People whom during the year if they had all shown indifferent to as many things, suddenly, as that of magical form, if they are to this atmosphere and until its ways if transform.

We see beings, more candies, more amiable softer and until the sisudos faces they assay a new smile. He is ' ' Ballet de Natal' '. Ahead of the magic, enchantment and of this atmosphere, what it seems to be the moment biggest in everybody; for the pariahs, the alone ones, without nothing are the manifestation of the pain that if it accumulated throughout its lives and of uncontrollable form they blow up in the souvenirs of lost dreams, of abandonment, of the incompreenso, the tear contained during all the year and spilled in the fatdica ' ' Night of Natal' ' , where he seems that all the catalytic agents of the agony enter in a massive operation to manufacture anguish. He is in this uneven instant, that I search God of antropomorphus form, as that wanting to see it. I try to reach the traces of its face, its eyes and mainly the only expression of the moment where he gestava in them and he said: ' ' Let us make the man to our image and similarity? That the man learns to feel, to think and in the same way to love with which I it amo' '. The man grew, thought, loved, but he forgot that pain is the consequncia of some ingratides and thus also it felt the pain of God. In this different Christmas of as much others, look in the face of who you never saw and assay a hope smile. Perhaps this smile is optimum gift, for that in this indescritvel night around of the world, it does not have in itself no reason to live. suddenly, if you to come a flashing tnue of joy? it makes as Jesus: It has beaten to it the door to it invites and it to cear.