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Posted on January 30, 2014 in News

It is important to be careful with these tweets, since they must not exaggerate in the use of words like incredible, revolutionary, amazing. You should use the kind of language that you use in a conversation. Words like interesting, useful and great can attract the attention of your followers better. Tweets with time of expiry write tweets with special offers or discounts that will last a short time is extremely effective. Use the concept of real time that Twitter works in our favor generates an immediate reaction in our followers. I advise to use this technique sparingly because it could generate false expectations in your potential customers. If you offer a discount to maturity you must observe the expiration date and eliminate the discount when it has expired. Uses your keywords when a person performs a search on Twitter makes it using keywords related to your niche.

It ensures that your tweets always contain your keywords included. You can conduct a study of key words and know how many monthly searches have your keywords with the tool for keywords of Google, it is free and very easy to use. Tips for better Twitter avoids the use of SMS language in your tweets, does not conform to the rules of Twitter. If it is acceptable to use symbols such as @ or shorten words to better leverage the 140 characters. Avoid using typical words of your country or idioms that can not be understood.

Remember that your followers come from several countries and not become familiar with local idioms. Re-Tweet when someone publishes a tweet with interesting content, this can be republished by any of his followers. It is here where every tweet takes on a viral nature. You can do it through the button retwittear located next to each tweet. You must write RT @nombredeusuario in the original message, adding your comments at the beginning or end of this. If your tweets are interesting, your followers will want to share them and your name will have the opportunity to be in front of thousands of potential supporters. Tweets with images an interesting mode is one that incorporates an image as a tweet. Al is a useful application that allows you to choose an image, describe it and add a tag in it for later upload it as a tweet. It will appear in your timeline with a link to the image on Twitpic. Apart from the possibility to publish photos of interest to your followers, this application serves directly to perform marketing on Twitter. You can link tweets to images as e-covers or banners for your products. Always use images will help to improve the effectiveness of your promotions.