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Agrarian Space

Posted on February 3, 2014 in News

Main elements and contexts of the formation of the agrarian space in the state of the Acre Anderson Azevedo Mesquita* Daniela Lopes Da Silva ** the acriano agrarian space was constructed and still it constructs for diverse contexts and happened elements of innumerable relations of being able, that many times if demonstrate conflituosas, in view of, the game of typical interests of the capitalist relations and of its activities in the seio of the society. These relations form the teia of a complex game where the objective is for many times to keep the identity while culture in one determined acquired space as ' ' lugar' ' , it is the fight for ' ' terra' ' , by the place of its survival, place where if it created the children, where if roado of cassava and maize saw to grow the small one, where the ducks, the hens and the small creation of cattle were kept for the subsistence of the family and where the exceeding one was changed for other provisions with the housing neighbors. At last, it is moving to affirm that many people keep affection for ' ' lugar' ' where it was born, place where the family was constructed, however, this ' ' afeto' ' natural it cannot be led to ' ' p' ' of the letter when reference to the economic model in validity in the society becomes contemporary. It is of the knowledge of that in elapsing of history the land passes to be capitalized, that is, the capitalism monetarizou and added values the land and to that it can happen of the same one, this of course sharpened the greed desmedida for its ownership and its control, fact that it takes in them to face a context of tensions and conflicts in acquiring the right of possessing and from there to keep economic activities, politics, social and cultural diverse.