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Posted on January 15, 2013 in News

Joel disappeared. The inhabitants inquietaram themselves. He polices It must have killed! It was involved with traffic of drugs. It was dealing! Ines looked it in hospitals, in the IML. In the police stations.

She swims. Its husband, realist criticized, it, and threaten to break up themselves of it, if he did not stop with such desperation. Then goes even so. If I had care of it, I would not have the killed one. The man was been silent. The years had been transferred. Ines always very fraterna praid for the youngster, who ' ' she had to be vivo' ' , she said convicta.

The old one of pequi counted to the customers whom equal boy did not exist. Snia owner the way as a transgressor in its life. ' ' A mourning of me to the street inhabitants existed inside. I feel penalty and charity agora' ' , it fulled the mouth and it said. Nobody wise person of where it was Joel. Some years later. Where is Mr. Incio of pequi? Morreu already has two years. That penalty Suspirou deeply Thanks a lot! Palms. She appears in the door one lady of white hair. Wrinkled face. Firm eyes. good Ol late! Good afternoon! You is the teacher Ines? Yes. you who is? Amphibological silence. I am Joel. Disse with lacrimejados eyes. The two if had hugged. had counted as they had lived in recent years. Joel had been imprisoned, soon left after to reach its 18 years. It obtained a job, it studied in a school for adults, knew Mariana, colleague of group, they had been married and they had one filhinha. It makes college of Administration and it works as manager of an elegant restaurant. It lives in an apartment in the noble quarter of the capital of another state. Why it came back? Perguntou Ines. Decidi to come back and to be thankful the old one of pequi, the Snia owner and equally Mrs., for having believed me. They had been of hands given to the square where it learned to write with Ines. Both had been motionless, sensible esparramar of echoing of the sound of the periquitos that played in the trees. The tears had gone down.