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Four Steps

Posted on January 3, 2013 in News

' Happy they are the ones that hear the word of God and guardam' ' (Lucas 11:28) ' ' you will have pleasure and joy, and many will be glad in its nascimento' ' (Lucas 1:14) Which would be the true way to be happy? it will be that the full happiness exists truily? if exists in fact, as obi to have it? These questions are made daily by thousand of people in the whole world. Who does not yearn for the complete happiness in its life? Plus these same questions take in them to a reflection: what it would be the true happiness? Because many times it leaves what me happy, not necessarily become the other happy one also. Before discoursing on our article regarding the happiness, it would like starts it with a question for you: what it is happiness for you? it makes what you or would make you the person happyest of the world? For many, to conquer the happiness means the conquest of corporeal properties, means the conquest of that red car or that apartment in the side of the beach. But these sorts of happiness are temporary, they do not last and not the man satisfies completely, because they only bring the joy for the body and the spirit does not stop. The central question to answer to all as if to conquer the full happiness this in the form we search as it. Meditemos in this, will be that the happiness that you search for itself this in things passengers? will be that you this searching of correct form? I will present to follow, the steps to conquer the complete happiness in our life: 1 step: To have hope in God More after all where this the true happiness? satisfactory that she will be lasting forever? the reply to this question this in God.