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Posted on August 8, 2018 in News

World discovers Northern Cyprus. Events last week in England say that tour operators offer holidays in Cyprus, with a choice of recreation on the southern and the the northern part of Cyprus. One British tour operators ‘IAH Ltd’ widely advertises a new tour package – holiday in the TRNC. Agency real estate, both in Britain and in Northern Cyprus have confirmed that due to the increase the number of tourists, they expect real estate sales take off, mainly as a second home for vacation. According to the Government of the TRNC, 550 million Turkish lira will be invested in the hotel business this year, leading to availability of jobs and economic growth in Northern Cyprus. According to Mahmeta Dolmadzhi, president of association of hotels in Northern Cyprus, several new airlines will start flights to Ercan airport.

Despite statements by the Minister of Culture, the infrastructure of Northern Cyprus is not yet ready to receive one million tourists in 2013, two new projects in the five-star hotels Chatalkoy and recreation center at the Esentepe, almost to completion, as well as six other hotels were allowed to expand. “Promotion of hotel business will be maintained in Northern Cyprus as long as we do not reach prescribed amount – 41 765 seats. ” Note: In the period from 2001 to 2010 over 4 billion of foreign investment was invested in the hotel business in Northern Cyprus. It was created 24 000 jobs, and 27,000, are expected to be created thanks to new investments. In 2011 Turkey was declared a “Year of Tourism in TRNC.” The new government has to give permission for the TRNC on flights of private companies in North Cyprus.