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Kavar Vahid Banani

Posted on December 18, 2018 in News

Citizens of the old world demanded freedom, because they could not decide on many issues. As equality subsumed to equal treatment before the law, the fair and balanced should be structured, as well as all citizens and citizens equal opportunities should really cannot allow what in highly structured State society was. Fraternity thinks something, what we today call solidarity, a responsibility that doesn’t stop with the own advantage and economies sees as fair and cooperative activity. The interpretation of equality, which spills from the pen of Keschvari in the world, does not refer to an equality before the law of rule of law, but on an equality in the treatment of all subjects regardless of rank and names that do not follow the commandments of the Supreme Leader. A subtle and absolutely power-keeping interpretation.

The hunt by Kavar In September 2011 12 made himself a young Mullah on the way to the province and rushed chapters of violent Bassij against Whirling Dervishes. Often, the pattern is the same. Only is rushed, the dervishes are slandered and with enemies of the regime in context, then there is physical attacks against the dervishes and their homes and businesses and eventually regular police forces on the sides of the Bassij intervene in order to wrestle down the Dervishes. 13 after the action in Kavar Vahid Banani was shot during protests against this approach in the neighbouring Sarvestan. A Web site operated by Dervishes, Madschzooban-e Nour, was closed and almost all staff in custody. Few could save himself by flight to Turkey. The crimes of these people was to tell of the events in Kavar. The droves of false Pharaoh do not like the light of the public.

You can shut not every citizen through threats, defamation, bribes or promise of benefits. These men Act in the shadows and cover their tracks brutally. Their plans are far-reaching and are implemented since den1990er step by step into action years.

Wooden House Construction

Posted on December 16, 2018 in News

If you planned construction of a wooden house on the ground, but you all my life lived in an apartment with utilities and amenities, then you should prepare yourself for some hardships that are possible when Living in a private home. Prepare, as well as possible to eliminate these burdens at the initial stage. For most people, the main difficulty is the lack of a warm bathroom in the house and, accordingly, "nocturnal march" on street. Well, if there is no way to drain, then the only option in this situation is to build a warm toilet. First of all, its walls should be insulated so that this building could hold heat. Today there are many types of heaters that are applicable in this case. Also, you can use double walls, between which should fill concrete block.

Fixed a small heater in the toilet (or lamp) in the presence of heat-insulating walls, is able to heat the indoor air to a temperature that will be more comfortable for people, even the severe frosts. The second "inconvenience" to the degree of significance is the lack of centralized water supply and drainage of fluid from the technical Basin, located in the kitchen wooden private houses. This problem can be solved as follows. Take two dvuhsotlitrovye barrel and boil them in by welding together pre-cut off from one barrel bottom. Then, in the welded structure should be to drill a large number of small holes, through which could leave the water.

Next, you need to dig this barrel somewhere in the yard (preferably at some distance from the windows) and make a strong pipeline, so it can not be damaged during the cold season. The resulting septic tank hatch cover and sprinkle with thermal insulation material (Insulation, leaves, debris, etc.). Such is the homemade drain will operate year round, but every year, it will need to be cleaned. If you do not understand that the wooden house must be constantly repair, or not ready for it, it can serve as an alternative construction of a brick house. Brick house stronger and in some cases (if the house will stand on dry ground, and the floors will not sweat), even requires the mound. Naturally neither change the crowns after a certain number of years, or paint the house, no hemming is required.

Luxury Real Estate

Posted on December 10, 2018 in News

It is known that one of the most profitable investment of capital – it is real estate. Nowadays, for many people, buying an apartment or home become a reality. For anyone who wants to get their dream house, there is an elite real estate, the level of comfort and constructed nature of which meets the highest international standards. Apartments, which can be called an elite few that are large, they still are in the best areas city. It is very important panorama opening of windows – surely no one wants to buy even the most posh apartment, but with windows looking out on a deserted wasteland or fuming factory chimney. The most expensive real estate in Moscow is located in the center, within the Garden Ring.

Prices also depend on how feshenebelen the house itself, which in the flat repaired, what kind of services provided by the owner of the apartment. Luxury accommodations are likely at Sales are already fully prepared for the new owner of introduction and accommodation. Buyer will be offered a full renovation, equipped with toilets, bathrooms, Jacuzzi and showers, a kitchen equipped with modern built-in equipment from manufacturers. The apartment is equipped with laundry room and pantry room. In addition, optional air conditioning, leased line Internet and telephone. Often, the apartment is already furniture undoubtedly the highest quality. Of course, this level of housing guarantees its owner the most high-security systems. So, apartments are equipped with video cameras and video, home non-stop protection.

In the luxury residential complex generally includes underground parking, in the house are also located swimming pools, fitness centers, beauty salons, boutiques and grocery stores, and also offers various kinds of personal services. Of course, this housing is very expensive, a real estate But – is not only the perfect comfort and safety. The owner of an elite apartment demonstrates his social status, as well as its position in society. It is, moreover, a successful investment finance, which, by all means, pay for itself over time. For those who do not like city life and even luxurious penthouse does not give full comfort, numerous real estate agencies vying offer luxury properties outside of the noisy and polluted city limits. That place is for every Muscovite Ruble, who got in to this area creates a reserve feeling of heaven on earth. In Soviet times Rublevo Assumption highway party bosses lived in our country, the best intellectuals, prominent scientists, writers, poets, composers. At the present time to buy cottage on the ruble can afford to everyone who has sufficient funds. When buying real estate on the ruble, is acquired not only an opportunity to live among the pines, fresh air and enjoy nature, which is visited by our ancestors, beginning with Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich. The buyer gets the house on the ruble as their social status, prestige, and deserved reward for their labor, the possibility of reside in the hi-tech and comfortable place in our country. Houses for Rublevsky highway located far from industrial facilities, as well as at a sufficient distance from each other, but this does not prevent the residents of this District enjoy superb infrastructure, excellent educational institutions, restaurants, as well as its renowned comfort of rest houses and sanatoriums.


Rentals Cottage

Posted on December 5, 2018 in News

The rest of the rent are the factors that are typical for urban housing: the lease term (with long-term lease can be calculated at a discount), a list of "convenience": sauna, pool, etc. All that matters is the area and state local area. Of course, there are seasonal fluctuations in the suburban real estate, in addition, need to remember that, in addition to rent for permanent residence, there is a seasonal rental (winter / summer), and rent houses for the holidays (Christmas, May, etc.). Naturally, the value of rents in all three cases is different. Thus, we consider the example price above types of lease: permanent, seasonal and festive. Holiday Rentals villas for the holidays – the most specific "subspecies": house shall, as a rule, by the day.

The cost of renting a cottage for holidays starting from 1000 rubles (as is, for example, a cottage economy class "Chud Compound" on the border of the Leningrad and Pskov regions. For this money you can get a one-room house with a terrace overlooking the lake. Amenities at this course in the yard, however, I must say that rubles in 1000, most likely you can not keep. Rental price on Sunday increased by 50%, which it will be equal for the holidays, we should learn from the owners. If you need something decent, then get ready to fork out 9,000 rubles (Deluxe cottage with two bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, sauna and shower, on the shore of the lake – a cottage complex "Kingdom of the Snow Maiden" by Priozersk) is worth noting that the holidays villas rent is not easy: the owners do not want to risk their property, and the likelihood of damage to the house, frankly, is high (especially in the New Year period). For this reason, the price of the holiday rental form with a "reserve", in view of the above risk.


Wooden Houses

Posted on December 4, 2018 in News

Wooden domDerevyanny country house. Wooden houses were always people a safe haven from the heat and cold, wind and rain, they warm and comfortable. Quite a long time home of the tree were for people with housing priority. And in Nowadays, attention to domamsdelannye with wood only grows. We want to break out of the city and connect with nature.

The tree was a natural, environmentally friendly material. Due to the fact that it has a natural porous structure of the wood "breathes". Due to this, in wooden houses and humidity is automatically maintained atmosphere. In wooden houses cool in the heat and warm in the cold. The tree in the house makes a comfortable environment and great for Living microclimate. Type of wooden houses, their wonderful smell attracts and creates a "warm" atmosphere. In addition, the tree is used perfectly in our latitudes, as a reliable building material.

History of managed prove – wooden houses are long, and they look really pleases the eye and creates the impression of a fairy tale. The most common wood houses are built of pine wood. In addition, conifers (pine and spruce) – is more frequent tree species, based on this construction are the most economical. These wooden houses are more durable and less prone to decay, in contrast to the buildings of the hardwood. In addition, the trunk of spruce and pine smooth, thanks to which more fully utilized material.Sopastovlenie wooden and stone houses. Wooden houses – a traditional form of suburban housing. In these homes have several advantages over the stone. At lower price, wooden houses have the opportunity to use seasonal, coming in the cold season but not for long. In these houses, in contrast to the stone houses, will not mildew and fungus. Also, wooden houses quickly and easily heat thoroughly. The problem is that the stone ohms, as opposed to wooden buildings, not "breathe". In order to prevent mold and mildew in the winter they will have to continuously warm. This is done by installing a system "Smart home" or permanent residence. To protopit cooled wooden houses, have several times faster than the stone, in addition to the homes of the tree can not live forever. Wooden houses owned by another priority: the data home and light enough so wooden houses do not require heavy and expensive foundation. If possible, a fairly wide selection, the main priority of the required foundation is the nature of the ground on which to build a house.