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Balearic Islands

Posted on January 30, 2017 in News

The Balearic Islands, by that unique character that combines a rustic air with a deep respect by the surroundings, form a privileged scene del that to enjoy the sea and a spectacular climate. Majorca, its main island, attracts the visitor to only step on it. Its attractiveness resides not only in its famous coast the West, but it is surrounded by resistances that make it unique. To think about acquiring properties in Majorca is an excellent idea for which they look for to combine tranquillity and an ample supply of leisure activities. Also he is a little while suitable for that, on the other hand, they wish to sell its apartment, marries or town. To explore the Majorcan coast is synonymous of variety. The island offers an amplest fan of possibilities, from beautiful beaches to precious ports in which to moor its boats. It is not necessary to forget, on the other hand, that this island shelters also singular mountain towns and caves that one never gets tired to explore.

Majorca, by its unique character, requires time to even cross the rustic towns of the interior and to discover the enchantments of its capital, Palma de Mallorca. It is indeed that natural beauty the one moves away that it of other Spanish destinations that, although they offer silver and diversion, hardly can compete with a natural landscape of similar beauty. The real estate supply of the island is, like its geography, very diverse. In her they can be an ample variety of apartments, towns and properties in the field of high quality to prices for all the pockets. The supply in the Majorcan southwest is particularly dominant, nails of great ports, beaches and golf courses of recognized international prestige. We said it, by its characteristics, the real estate market in Majorca is much and of the Spanish. For this reason, if it is wanted to sell a landscaped property in the island, and still more if this one has views to the sea, zones or a privileged situation, the possibilities of obtaining a buyer are highest. The same in center happens to the located properties of Palm or those that are near a golf course. For all of them its exit in market is equally remarkable. If it wishes to acquire a property in Majorca, does click in the Link for greater information. Original author and source of the article.

Bathroom Design

Posted on January 12, 2017 in News

When designing a modern bathroom, should mainly focus on the choice of wall and plumbing materials. Floor and walls of the room most often laid tiles, which should be well transfer of moisture and temperature extremes. Lining material for the floor is selected from the corrugated surface. Ceilings in the bathrooms often make a tripwire, for which use only water-resistant materials. Main element that decorate the interior of a bathroom, will, of course, the very bathroom.

An excellent option would be if the size of the room allows you to set a spacious bathroom. If not, then you can stop the choice on the shower. Sink can be selected, complete with a bathroom, or separately. The classic solution would be to put over the sink cabinet with mirrored doors, or simply a mirror. Important is the choice of lighting for the bathroom here should think about the general lighting and illumination of the mirrors. Attention to detail and quality execution of bathroom design will ensure your comfort for years to come.


Karin Frohlich

Posted on January 4, 2017 in News

Category private households: 1st place, 1,500 euros: Stefan Schridde with the blog: botch job? No thanks! (White Lake) Many products will be destroyed shortly after the end of the warranty period. Stefan Schridde has therefore launched the blog in life. There, he informs consumers about the issue of planned obsolescence and collects reports on intentionally defective manufactured products. “2Nd place, 1,000 euro: Stefan Schott with the REjute the flood of plastic shopping bags to reduce mortgage tote bag (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg) to displace, in the long term completely from the supermarket product range developed and Stefan Schott the idea of lien jute bag REjute”. 3Rd, 500 euro: CampusCup porcelain instead of plastic (Treptow-Kopenick) thanks to the initiative five Berlin students is reduced in the future the flood of disposable coffee cups at Berlin universities. To do this, they have developed the CampusCup, a resealable porcelain coffee cup and 800mal already sold. Category: 1st place, 1,500 euros: culinary misfits (Neukolln) Tanja Krakowski and Lea Brumsack founded the Start-Up of culinary misfits.

As sustainable catering companies, they offer everyday solutions to prevent food waste. You cook primarily with crop residues from farms from the Berlin region. “2Nd place, 1,000 euro: common vintage dress Exchange parties (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg) the idea of common vintage dress party” comes from Karin Frohlich. The principle: You put together three to ten cast-off clothes and search the next common vintage dress swap party. Obtained for bring your own clothes Exchange dollar”, which can be exchanged for other clothes. 3Rd, 500 euro: Upcycling fashion store in Berlin Center the issue of Upcycling is at the heart of Upcycling fashion store.

Everything in the store, from fashion and accessories, is upgecycelt. With regular theme nights and lectures, the store has become an open platform for Upcycling fashion in Berlin. Like provide we fee-free imagery of award or individual winners for the reporting journalists and editors.