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Wooden Houses

Posted on December 4, 2018 in News

Wooden domDerevyanny country house. Wooden houses were always people a safe haven from the heat and cold, wind and rain, they warm and comfortable. Quite a long time home of the tree were for people with housing priority. And in Nowadays, attention to domamsdelannye with wood only grows. We want to break out of the city and connect with nature.

The tree was a natural, environmentally friendly material. Due to the fact that it has a natural porous structure of the wood "breathes". Due to this, in wooden houses and humidity is automatically maintained atmosphere. In wooden houses cool in the heat and warm in the cold. The tree in the house makes a comfortable environment and great for Living microclimate. Type of wooden houses, their wonderful smell attracts and creates a "warm" atmosphere. In addition, the tree is used perfectly in our latitudes, as a reliable building material.

History of managed prove – wooden houses are long, and they look really pleases the eye and creates the impression of a fairy tale. The most common wood houses are built of pine wood. In addition, conifers (pine and spruce) – is more frequent tree species, based on this construction are the most economical. These wooden houses are more durable and less prone to decay, in contrast to the buildings of the hardwood. In addition, the trunk of spruce and pine smooth, thanks to which more fully utilized material.Sopastovlenie wooden and stone houses. Wooden houses – a traditional form of suburban housing. In these homes have several advantages over the stone. At lower price, wooden houses have the opportunity to use seasonal, coming in the cold season but not for long. In these houses, in contrast to the stone houses, will not mildew and fungus. Also, wooden houses quickly and easily heat thoroughly. The problem is that the stone ohms, as opposed to wooden buildings, not "breathe". In order to prevent mold and mildew in the winter they will have to continuously warm. This is done by installing a system "Smart home" or permanent residence. To protopit cooled wooden houses, have several times faster than the stone, in addition to the homes of the tree can not live forever. Wooden houses owned by another priority: the data home and light enough so wooden houses do not require heavy and expensive foundation. If possible, a fairly wide selection, the main priority of the required foundation is the nature of the ground on which to build a house.