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Venetian Style

Posted on February 27, 2024 in News

The wallpaper collection Murogro vogue comes in the Venetian style. The wallpaper market is reopened. There has never been such a variety of colors, patterns and qualities. Traditional, classic pattern rank in addition to new and bizarre designs, long proven colours join current colour. New structures are copied from nature and complemented by graphic patterns.

Almost are no limits more of the interior design. The wallpaper collection Murogro vogue is a new Italian textiles and cleaning optics, complemented by wide stripes and classic designs. The color palette includes many natural shades of white through beige, yellow and green to the strong Brown. The allovers are decorated in the style of a Venetian wall. They are supplemented by wide stripes with fabric optics and traditional designs with embroidery effect. Gold and Silver accents highlights, move the wallpaper and room in the right light.

The heavy vinyl wallpaper is very durable and allows extreme deep embossing, one Bring 3D with them. The collection is divided into two parts. The first part includes allovers with crash effects, embossing and wide stripes. The elegant, modern design of wall-paper allows a wide application in the design of the living quarters. In the second part of the collection is targeted on wall effects. The pattern in the Crackle targeted University and Crackle on old Venetian walls. Designed, there are current plaster effects, which are complemented by classic designs. The high-quality wallpapers have a roll width of 70 cm. The material is highly light-resistant and highly resistant to washing. Lyricist lounge