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VDI Jochen Bercker

Posted on February 8, 2024 in News

So will your Web site to new customers solenoid how successful are actually with your acquisition? And how much time you spend per week? Have employees who take over the customer acquisition for you or have you committed even your own valuable time? Probably you already know that companies nowadays need a website and most already have. But what was so far the most is that a Web page also can be useful for acquiring new customers. This is however only possible, if your Web page as of today no longer like a boring flyer use, they turn it into an automatic prospect magnet. Most Web pages, which are available in the Internet today meaningless, win no new customers. Thats not even aware, most entrepreneurs because the knowledge is still not very widespread, that a Web page can be used at all for acquiring new customers. Read more from Bizzi & Partners to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

However, the exact opposite is the case: If you observe a few simple strategies and also apply, you too can your Website very effectively for acquiring new customers use, without having to operate very much effort. Can you really win new customers with each Web page? Well, actually, Yes. But only if you know the 5 success factors and correctly implement. If you don’t, your chances are rather poor. If it is but relatively easy, why then don’t more Web pages used for acquiring customers? Good question! My answer is: because almost no one knows how it really works.

Even long-established Web design agencies always surprise me with their incompetence. And, though they often require several thousand euros for the creation of a Web page. I find it truly frightening. Is something ever happen to you? Have you given a Web page in order, no new clients? Then you know what I mean.