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Posted on September 2, 2018 in News

Between July and September rental department of the City Center real estate transactions (branch "Ladoga" GC "Ecotone") recorded increased activity of clients seeking legal services in the market rental apartments St. Petersburg. During this period, the proportion wishing to rent one-bedroom apartment was 49.6%, two-bedroom apartment – 23.4%, three-room flat – 7.6% -19.3% room. The average demand for one-bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg amounted to $ 16 240 rub., two-bedroom apartments for 20 640 rubles., three-room apartments for 24 240 rubles., room – 9000 rubles. Peak activity in the market rental apartments fell in August, when the number applied to nearly 40% of the total number of clients applied during the quarter, in July and September activity was slightly lower at around 30% in each month. The most popular were Frunze, Central and Maritime Areas of St.

Petersburg, the proportion wishing to rent an apartment in these areas amounted to nearly 35% of the total number who applied. Least of all had hits for Krasnosel'skii the Petrograd and Vasileostrovsky District, the total amount involved in the lease housing in these areas amounted to little more than 10%. Moreover, if weak demand for rental apartments in the area called Krasnoselsky underdeveloped transport accessibility, the demand in the Petrograd district and Vasileostrovskiy influenced by high prices for the suggestions. In the last month there is a systematic reduction in the number applying to the company for real estate services. The dynamics of reduction of approximately 10-15% weekly. Town Center real estate transactions – a multifunctional complex that includes the real estate agency (HA 'Ecotone' separation 'Ladoga'), notary (Lavrov, Irina L.), Bank (ACB "Lanta-Bank") and insurance company ('the Spassky Gates') and allow for the transaction to lease, purchase, sale or exchange of an apartment, cottage or luxury villa, land, land, commercial property, any difficulty in meeting all the requirements of modernity