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Posted on July 26, 2023 in News

I think life is full of moments that make us learn lessons, whether or not hard times, we always leave a lesson to improve and learn from the past. Thanks to that, I've learned that things have to be done with love because if not, do not go well. If you do it with love, involves the desire, courage, optimism, enthusiasm, the belief that things will turn out well and with that, the wear of winning, but instead, if you do things by having to make them, bring feelings against you which you will surely to fail because if not yourself think can do well, you're not wanting to succeed. I touch this subject because the work has to be equal. Whether studied UNCA career, or simply walks of life have led you to develop yourself in a certain area, it must be something that you love, or are you willing to do something you do not like the rest of your life ? … surely your answer is not it?, which is that work itself can be a sacrifice perspesctiva depending on us to see if you do not love what you do, I regret to say that yes, it is a sacrifice, if you like what you do, you're lucky! Why? because if you look around, you realize that you are one of the few or the only person who loves what he does and enjoys doing it. Thank God I had the opportunity to study something I like very much, and I will not lie by saying that I love getting up early every day or I like to feel the pressure when deadlines approach of some projects, no one like to have pressure, in fact, I had moments of doubt where I really start to think if I made the right decision about study design, but then when I leave the problem and see the results I am sure what I do and what I did.