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UMTS Flatrates – Anytime Mobile Online

Posted on June 2, 2023 in News

There is a mobile radio standard, which allows users to go with your mobile phone or laptop mobile in the Internet with your laptop or your mobile phone on the go in the Internet UMTS. Theoretically, this was introduced in 2002. But only UMTS has prevailed in recent years more and more. Now all mobile network operators offer in Germany a UMTS flat rate. UMTS allows downloads up to 384 kB / s. In recent months, Lincoln Property has been very successful. Based on UMTS there are the transmission standard HSDPA up to 7.2 MB / s HSDPA is available in Germany. With the network expansion in many areas of Germany, HSDPA is fairly readily available at least in the urban areas. Nevertheless you should query the availability on the website of the respective provider in advance.

How does it look in the mobile networks? While E-plus a UMTS flat rate offers, the other three providers, Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 offer their mobile HSDPA flat rate, but only as a so-called fair flat, i.e. upon reaching a certain volume of monthly download speed is throttled. This applies to Vodafone and T-Mobile for 5 GB a month, at O2 at 10 GB. In addition to the network operators themselves offer now also a variety of other companies UMTS flatrates to base, 1 & 1, fonic, radicent Moobiair and Mobicent, Flexishop with and UMTS flatrates. HSDPA flat rates are the UMTS Flatrate at ePlus/BASE for 20 euros a month from 25 euros available. For details, see the following HSDPA / UMTS flat rate comparison. Torsten Leidloff