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The Warehouse

Posted on March 23, 2012 in News

In this work the corridors for techniques are not needed. That is, if you use the entire height of the warehouse, and set the entry shelves, we will save up to 90% of the area! But there are nuances of their own. Need to know that this type of shelving is designed for one-sorted product with a large turnover. For example, construction materials, food products with longer shelf life, household goods, household goods. This type of shelving is successfully used world-famous brand Coca-Cola. The main elements of inbound shelf – it’s vertical frames and horizontal load bearing member or rails (guides). Frame attached to each other ties for greater structural strength.

5. Mezzanine – a multi-storey warehouse As the title subtitle, you can guess that the mezzanine – a bay storage with floor (platform). The variant of the construction of a mezzanine-based pallet and shelving racks. Of course, if you want to build a pallet pallet storage mezzanine. If you want manual warehousing – that mezzanine shelving.

All very simple. The main advantage of using the attic – is to use the entire height of the warehouse. For example, if the height of your warehouse – 11 meters, then you can set it with a mezzanine platform height at 5 am and set at the first level racks with a height of 5 m and the second 4-5 m. The main elements of a mezzanine: Frame. Railings site. Stair railing. Staircase. Traverse – a horizontal element of the racks.