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The Stairs

Posted on December 28, 2012 in News

He needed to sleep but he felt that now it was honor question: now he needed to know what he would happen in that from above apartment of its. He dressed its over all, he washed the face with a little of liquid water and sabonete and would go up the stairs. He heard voices in the elevator, before going up. Zunzumzum was each next time. As she was in 7 to walk seemed that the people who spoke were in 2. She was the girl, with certainty, thought. But she was not alone.

She heard a voice of one older lady and had a very strong quarrel. – You cannot control my life of this form, mother. You do not know what she is saying. Not even he lived with me to know. Teo stopped. It could not go up now.

It decided to be in the floor of low. It wanted to more know on the young woman and that age the moment. After all of accounts what you intended to make, Teo going up it to walk of it? It really concludes that dom for inquiry of the other people’s life did not have none. For its surprise the girl went down in from above floor, but its mother not. It heard the young woman if firing with shouts of ' ' cursed its of infernos&#039 goes even so; '. Drifter between going up at that moment to recepcionar the girl, and thus to use to advantage the ecstasy to know what he happens, and another possibility to wait a calmer moment to know something later, decided to go up. He was slowly leaving step for low step for as well as the fear knowing the mysterious one to walk from above. The stranger for it was the other people’s life. Prisoner the papers and bulletins of occurrences, the life of the people only passed in its fingers typing a fact of desperation occurred with them.