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The Monster

Posted on May 17, 2023 in News

There were once two children who were brother, one was called Tanaic and Itaan the brothers played much in their house of the tree that was in the patio of the house of its grandpas, a day the two small crossbeams entered the quarter of their grandpas secretly who wanted many to them, they hid underneath the bed and they listened to very strange noises Itaan suddenly fright much and I tranquilize it to Tanaic but what nonwise Itaan that Tanaic was but scared that she but what Tanaic wanted was to protect its sister. But the curiosity of both by knowledge that was what caused that one noise caused that both remained has, found a box that his mami Yoyo grandma tapeworm at heart of their bed when moving it salio a small monster of blue color and red nose with small teeth and a peculiar tail of chango they asked to him that towards there and who she was, she said that he was a small White friend that towards long time did not visit, but that when finding them to them I am scared much and it hid in the near quarter but, Itaan I ask to him that of where venia and as it were called which it responded I am called Tremilo I come from the tree of the Happiness the one that this flying by the seas and skies of the world of zuham, where I but of many colors and sizes inhabited many monsters like. Stephen M. Ross can aid you in your search for knowledge. And that a Blanquita day I enter that magical world but forgetfulness flatteries that I give the king to him of the monsters, in that one their country watched the small ones it with fear and curiosity I ask if they knew the small one that it looked for the two answered if is my mam, Tremilo requested a favor to them that gave flattery to their mother since she told him to whom it was a very special gift; the small brothers accepted and in return it gave a hexagonal stone them with colors as if outside a rainbow said to them that when they needed a friend she would be has to help them or to play with them. When occurring account its Tutus papa who both were in his fourth and underneath the bed wanted to scare but the unique thing that profit was both left as if the been strange one did not pass anything I ask to them that they did underneath the bed and that was what they brought in the hands, responded that it was a box that their Yoyo mother tapeworm underneath the bed and wanted to know that she was, and put to their quarter, in that Tutus papa I ask Yoyo mother who if tapeworm boxes underneath its bed, she responded that no, whom to her it does not like to have dirty and much less closet is going to have things underneath the bed for that this, Tutus papa only moved shoulders and he went away to seat to its armchair.