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The Building

Posted on August 7, 2015 in News

First, in new convenient and comfortable common area. Large area in front of the apartments furnished safe emergency exits, elaborately mounted lifts. In the very apartments – large across hallways, kitchens and balconies. Bedrooms – close to a square shape, large, allowing to place a new, comfortable furniture. WC makes it possible to install all the necessary equipment and more feel it freely. That is, different from the minimalist 60's very well marked. It's no secret that these apartments is undoubtedly very expensive. They can afford not to everyone, but only succeeding in this life to people.

Therefore, settling into a new building, you can be almost 100% sure that the neighbors will be from wealthy families. At least, not among the needy. And will pay all utility costs along with all without creating problems for neighbors, and will not create problems, for example, your child will not teach him bad. One advantageous way to purchase housing in the new building – is to buy it at the construction stage, even unfinished house. In this case issued a mortgage contract, which states as collateral property that already belongs to you. In an unfinished housing price per square meter is lower than the finished house. Less than time left before his surrender, the higher the price of housing in it.

But if the house is being completed longer than planned, you'll have to wait until construction is complete, without being able either to move to a new apartment, or take advantage of the money invested. Your money goes, will be frozen as well as construction. This happens in cases where the building is a small company. Typically, it takes him for loans obtained from the bank. But as in the current crisis, banks do not give favors to anyone, including developers, construction firms are often small can not maintain and service the loan, which leads to failure extend it. As a result, the firm continue to build can not, and the house is unfinished. Unfortunately these homes in Vladivostok now missing. To get out of this situation, set in an environment construction firms often go on all sorts of discounts and benefits for those buyers who would invest money in frozen construction. In this case, the price per square meter becomes more attractive. Since the crisis in housing prices provide more opportunities for the middle class to improve their living conditions and to move to prestigious new developments.