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Posted on April 2, 2024 in News

It is possible that you’re willing to learn about blogs, but people are talking about certain terms that you don’t understand. In the following paragraphs we will explain about the terms more popular. If you’re trying to start a blog and are looking for help articles, this should serve. 1.Bloggers and blogs. The word blog is actually short for web log, an online journal. Blogs are used to share information on almost any topic. Bloggers is a term used for people who write blogs, blogs is the way to express their thoughts, by editing articles, photos or videos.

2 Hosting Hosting is an English word which means host or host. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Clayton Morris on most websites. Applied to the Internet, you want to say, put a web page on a Web server, so that it can be seen anywhere in the world that has Internet access. 3 Plugins or widgets are small programs designed to interact with the blog format. They added a very specific function. The function can be a feature, either for readers or for the blogger. 4. Format of the blog you can choose Blogger, Blogspot or any other format. The other best-known format is WordPress, they are extremely versatile and easy to use.

5 links when another website or blog, add your address or a link to your site is called linkage or links. These links will be sent to the readers of this site to yours. If you add a link to your blog, your readers can go to that site. The links give one blog more credibility. 6 Theme or template this is what looks like a blog to the view of others. According to John Savignano, who has experience with these questions. Depending on the format of each blog, you can change easily. This is one reason why people love Blogger. 7 Niche this is the particular topic which is a blog. If your blog is too wide, people may lose interest because they don’t know what you are going to cover. Choose a niche that you like people and most entries or post related to this topic. You can choose to write about gardening, pets, books or anything else. 8 RSS Feed a RSS feed It is a code that you can create a blog. Readers can subscribe to so are reported automatically to add a post (an input). This also gives the possibility to send a brief summary. 9 Comments readers can comment on blogs. This allows readers to interact with the editors, this is very popular. You can also respond to comments to add greater interaction. 10 Trackback you can see these comments on a blog. Trackback links are a notification that someone referred to your blog in a post. It will include a link from their site to yours. It works in both directions so if they relate to a blog, the other blogger will receive a trackback link. These terms should help you understand the world a little better blogs.