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Department Working

Posted on June 25, 2023 in News

Carlos Mora Vanegas General information many companies are not fully identified with what it represents to ensure a good quality of working life, especially in an environment like the Venezuelan, where there is much uncertainty, risk, fear in the business sector. He is needed to give way to that in the bosom of enterprises, especially SMEs, our interest in study, management considers as discussed, that the quality of the working life of an organization is the environment, the atmosphere, the air that is breathed in an organization. There are companies that have a good atmosphere and others who have it bad. Unfortunately there are too many employees and professionals in human resources who take the atmosphere of a company with the same passivity and resignation with which accept dropping rain or make cold in elinvierno. In reality there are many measures that can be taken to improve working life. From here, which is manifested, that efforts to improve the quality of working life constitute systematic work that organizations with the object of provide employees a chance to improve their jobs and their contributions to the company in an environment of better trust and respect. Too often a company leaders strive to obtain passive and repetitive collaboration of several people but little worry to know the ideas that these people can provide. Ronald Heredia, tells us in this regard, that more and more organizations are implementing programmes of improvements of working life as a way of raising its productivity through higher levels of motivation and satisfaction of employees, lower voltage and lower resistance to change. A programme of improvement of the quality of the work environment Heredia can also produce many benefits related to the development of the Organization basic considerations, remember us, that it is likely the most delicate and function of utmost importance the Department of personnel in the field of creation and promotion of a proper working environment, enlisting the support of key managers.

Why I Have No Girlfriend?

Posted on May 17, 2023 in News

In my blog I frequently get the same concerns why not very graceful fulanos are beautiful girlfriends and I do not? Is it so difficult to find the ideal woman? What I have to do? How to get girlfriend? What have especially those men who regularly have fine girlfriends? The first. They are good talkers. The main lubricant of a relationship is the conversation. Those who have problem to establish relationships with women regularly fails at this point. The uncomfortable silences are frequent in their conversations or the hesitation to speak. The lack of topics of conversation is a constant.

Beyond this a woman hopes that the person at your side makes it feel happy despite the fact that is going through a bad time, hence, making people laugh every candidate is a prerequisite to obtaining a commitment. Second. They have a successful posture, which helps to create interest in the candidate. This does not mean to pretend to be a different person on the contrary is to show her the value that one has in a subtle way and without being presumptuous. Be presumptuous of material possessions or labor positions is a common mistake that can scare the candidate.

Sporting, artistic, musical, intellectual, skills social can be guided so that they don’t look presumption. On the other hand successful posture is being seen with beautiful friends and generally establish good social relations. Third party. They take long enough to find out her emotional needs. Inquire what she needs to regularly is not difficult if he is in fact actively sought. The common mistake to start a relationship of friendship is not search this need which is regularly expressed either in conversation or in body language. Interested man should be observer and above all listen and try to understand well. What are the faults that can cool a budding relationship with a woman? The first.