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Posted on August 28, 2021 in News

This value must be positive for our work to be truly effective. Obviously there are launching campaigns to generate an objective that is not necessarily achieve sales, or recruiting clients, but for example to make the public associate a brand with a new product or service. This item is a great debate among colleagues: yexiste really focused marketing campaigns otherwise than vernder .. vernder .. sell?. Communication should focus on the message and the recipient, not seek to "everything to everybody," that what it does is the dispersion. As explained in other articles, positioning is the mental place that has a brand within the consumer's mind, and when the job is well done, the client has an idea, a concept that your brand associated with quality, speed, youth, safety, cost effectiveness. This concept sets us apart from the competition, get in a place they will not reach (easily).

Focused on the mark, making this substitution of a noun or verb is phenomenal. I mean, simple: that people instead of saying "taking a soft drink" say "take a Coca Cola", "my head hurts, I will take a Geniol." With this we are getting a little to what is branding, "the power of the brand." Obviously to achieve this is a much more complex than obtaining a good search engine optimization. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally I have a special adoration for the subject.) We must find the place where your company fits in and is unique (or first, or different), where his company makes the difference. Returning to the Internet, we find the words (or combination of them) and make yourself at the top of the best search engines, develop interactive graphics, give publicity push and make a difference. Now repeat this out loud: Internet is fabulous, economic, global, interactive, sensational but another means of communication, and if you sell auto parts, his main clients are taxi drivers, place your chips on the radio.

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