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Latin American Summit

Posted on August 4, 2022 in News

The beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and the architecture of colonial stamp intermingle with the joy of the people dancing to the rhythm of the beat and the marimba to make an unforgettable city of Veracruz. Why it is not strange that many of the Mexican events taken to this Atlantic gem as your backdrop. From 22 to 24 August the city is again engalanara to host the first Summit Latin American coffee, an opportunity of luxury to visit Veracruz and be guided by the aroma of a cup of freshly brewed coffee. An event that promises to the World Trade Center of Veracruz, one of the most modern and active in Mexico, will be the stage where the Summit will take place. The 16,000 m2 covered this modernist aires structure were totally remodeled in 2000 to make its main element of light. With a privileged position, just 20 minutes from the Centre of the city and very close to the airport, you can come and go easily to not miss even one day of the Summit.

More than ten countries will participate in this event producers of coffee and, of course, a large delegation of coffee Veracruz. In fact, it has been confirmed the participation of 350 exhibitors. One of the main objectives of the Summit is to promote exchange between producers and buyers, a task that surely will meet more than that so far more than 1,200 appointments had been scheduled. Course, be lacking either the baristas, a key figure that will show you different ways of preparing coffee to exalt its aroma and flavor. Free access conferences and workshops there will also be so that all people who are interested in expanding their coffee culture may participate. The charm of the coffee if you’ve been wanting to know more about this drink, in Coatepec can visit the sanctuary of coffee. The visit begins in the coffee Museum, where you come you to a history dotted with myths and legends that recounts how the grains reached this area.

You will appreciate machines that date back to the 18th century and see up close the drying process and classification of coffee. Then you will find a tour of coffee plantations. If you aguzas the view not the beautiful orchids that grow pass you unnoticed at this height. To close with a flourish your visit, nothing better than delight with another Cup of steaming hot coffee. Finally, you should know that this first Latin American Summit of coffee will attract some 5,000 professionals in the sector and nearly 1000 exhibitors. If you want to participate to the Ibero-American Summit of coffee, just search for any offer of hotels in Veracruz. Find a hotel in Veracruz with reduced fares, see the web sites of the major chains of hotels in Mexico.