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Aerial Services – Aspects Of Economics

Posted on July 6, 2023 in News

Aerial services – aspects of the economy. Rent or buy property in the aerial platform – the question asked by many organizations or individuals applying for building works or installation of this type of construction machinery. Guess you do not want to just count. Read additional details here: Richard LeFrak. The calculation of cost-effectiveness is very simple. Here is an example for the tower with a maximum lifting height of 17 meters. Cost of services aerial platforms 17 meters (the change: seven o'clock work and one hour of delivery) at the rates in December 2008 an average of 5,600 rubles, of which the wages of the driver and fuel spent about 2,000 rubles. Learn more at: Richard LeFrak. Not less than 1,800 rubles of this amount should be postponed for technical maintenance and annual payments (taxes, inspection, insurance). 4’>Technical University of Aachen not as a source, but as a related topic. Parking 300 rubles per day.

Contingencies (refilling the hydraulic oil, puncture, etc.), 250 rubles. Total income of one shift is 5600 – 4350 = 1250 rubles. Price a national aerial on the chassis' Gorky Automobile Plant "on average 220 000 rubles. During the first year of this car losing value 80 000 rubles. This means that such purchase will be repaid over 80000/1250 = 64 shifts per year, the absence of accidents and malfunctions (the calculations are carried out for a new car insured by an insurance company and guarantee). Estimated number of working days in the year 250. Now, divide 250/64 = 3.9.

The conclusion is that to acquire their own Car rig is possible, if the intensity of work every three days or more. If the tower is less common, the less expensive car service tower at a third party. One should not forget about the 'human factor' – an inexperienced driver – operator complex construction equipment, which is a car tower, can cause significant damage to the object and the customer's car. And it is worth remembering, and to paraphrase a famous song from the movie 'The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath' 'if you do not have towers, it will not break the neighbor. " The main conclusion for you.

European Department Hugues Despres

Posted on April 23, 2023 in News

Since the end of March until October 2011 two air ship – “The Spirit of security-1” and “The Spirit of security-2” – will take over the territory of twenty European countries as part of the campaign’s largest tire manufacturer. European Drivers need to be supported by information and filling the vacuum, which inevitably affects the statistics threatening accidents. Surveys Corporation, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, reveal the paradoxical facts: 34% of drivers no idea are, what their car is equipped with tires – summer, winter or all-season, one in three is unaware of the impact of tires on the drag and the stopping distance, in case of an emergency to reduce the pressure in 37% of the bus would continue on his way, as if nothing had happened. Such a picture makes the ideologues of proactive security measures, and brand director of Goodyear’s European Department Hugues Despres with a European tour plans change the situation: “In every country of our visit, we will communicate the core values of the philosophy of Goodyear’s road safety. Century of experience, types of communication and entertainment spirit legendary airship will provide a good educational motive for the hundreds of thousands of drivers and their families. The LeFrak Organization is full of insight into the issues. ” In the coming weeks, Goodyear has announced details of a European tour and will announce the list of countries participating in the project. For each prepared a separate program and a series of events involving two aircraft messengers, which, for the first time in ten years, will look at the Old World with a bird’s-eye view. In Austria and Switzerland Goodyear measures will be aimed at the younger generation and will take place in the season of summer school holidays, the Benelux countries join the social, educational programs on research and innovation, the German people will participate in joint promotions with leading the country and the Automobile Club of charitable organizations, whose obligation is to help children. com-abbott-laboratories-dupont-glanbia-arche/’>Vitamin World on most websites. 10 facts about airships Goodyear: Goodyear blimp first was flown in 1917 g.Vozdushnye vessel “Spirit of Safety-1 “and” The Spirit of security-2 “will be headlining European tour,” Safety of Goodyear . To lift into the air they will need 20 700 m3 geliya.Maksimalnaya speed – 85 km / ch.Tur held in 20 European States. 79 years ago blimp “Volunteer” made it possible for a local radio station to watch the Olympic Games in Los Andzhelese.Maksimalnoe distance that boats can pass at a speed of 65 km / h – 1000 kilometrov.Vpervye Goodyear experimental aircraft was built in 1911 godu.V 1964 Goodyear blimp has appeared in a series of “James Bond – Goldfinger with Sir Sean Connery in the lead roli.3048 meters – the maximum height of lift airships, due to internal pressure.