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Balearic Islands

Posted on January 30, 2017 in News

The Balearic Islands, by that unique character that combines a rustic air with a deep respect by the surroundings, form a privileged scene del that to enjoy the sea and a spectacular climate. Majorca, its main island, attracts the visitor to only step on it. Its attractiveness resides not only in its famous coast the West, but it is surrounded by resistances that make it unique. To think about acquiring properties in Majorca is an excellent idea for which they look for to combine tranquillity and an ample supply of leisure activities. Also he is a little while suitable for that, on the other hand, they wish to sell its apartment, marries or town. To explore the Majorcan coast is synonymous of variety. The island offers an amplest fan of possibilities, from beautiful beaches to precious ports in which to moor its boats. It is not necessary to forget, on the other hand, that this island shelters also singular mountain towns and caves that one never gets tired to explore.

Majorca, by its unique character, requires time to even cross the rustic towns of the interior and to discover the enchantments of its capital, Palma de Mallorca. It is indeed that natural beauty the one moves away that it of other Spanish destinations that, although they offer silver and diversion, hardly can compete with a natural landscape of similar beauty. The real estate supply of the island is, like its geography, very diverse. In her they can be an ample variety of apartments, towns and properties in the field of high quality to prices for all the pockets. The supply in the Majorcan southwest is particularly dominant, nails of great ports, beaches and golf courses of recognized international prestige. We said it, by its characteristics, the real estate market in Majorca is much and of the Spanish. For this reason, if it is wanted to sell a landscaped property in the island, and still more if this one has views to the sea, zones or a privileged situation, the possibilities of obtaining a buyer are highest. The same in center happens to the located properties of Palm or those that are near a golf course. For all of them its exit in market is equally remarkable. If it wishes to acquire a property in Majorca, does click in the Link for greater information. Original author and source of the article.

First Sound Level Meter

Posted on October 3, 2016 in News

50 Anniversary of the first Sound level meter of the world In 2010 we celebrated the 50 anniversary of Model 2203, the father of all the sound level meters. The sound level meter turns 50 years In 2010 we celebrated the 50 anniversary of Model 2203, the father of all the sound level meters. It was the first sound level meter portable of precision and based on transistors of the world. One made during 21 years and it had sales record of 17,300 units. If to this we added its perfected versions, Models 2204 (Impulsive time constant) and 2209 (detector of tips), it was arrived at a total of 32,700 units. This is the history of the first portable sound level meter of the world, as it was registered in the archives and according to us they told those it lived that it. It does half century, the product presentations were not more than a humble one official notice in the section " The news of fbrica" in the last page of the Magazine Technique of Brel & Kjr.

Number 3 of 1960 included the bulletin that reproduces above. Don Sonmetro Our expert in design of sound level meters during decades, Peter Hedegaard, gives this explanation us of how the portable sound level meter evolved: " Model 2203 was the first portable sound level meter of Brel & Kjr. I am not who to say who was the father of this so special design, but most probable she is than as much P.V. Brel like Gunnar Rasmussen would have something to see, although the final design is attributed to Kay Mller Petersen. What had of special that one design was the frontal in the form of cone, that did possible to place the microphone in the housing without its acoustics was affected of significant form.