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Construction Ceiling

Posted on March 21, 2017 in News

Turn the power on the meter, you must release the wire of isolation. Note that the wires in the chandelier, usually copper, flexible. Departs from the ceiling of the same solid aluminum wire in vinyl insulation. Method deburred aluminum wire is different from copper. Aluminum – brittle metal, can be easily reversed if you leave the wire sweep a circular notch. To strip a wire on a “pencil”, cutting off the insulation at an angle (as well as sharpening a pencil).

Copper wire cleaned in any way. When cleaning is necessary to leave 3-4 mm bare wires. For connection of copper and aluminum wire using a special block (the wires screwing screws through the hub.) With screwdriver-voltage indicator to determine the phase and the “zero” of wires. Phase causes the glow indicator for “zero” – is not lit. After checking in turn each of the wires coming out of the ceiling and chandeliers, they must be mark colored duct tape. Do not forget to switch off again after the stress.

When you connect the “zero” on the chandelier wire connects to the “zero” wire on the ceiling, a “phase” combined with “phase”. Before connect the chandelier should be checked broach pin connection socket blades with the wires. If the connections are not “stretched” – fused wire and can burn out the cartridge. Also do not forget to pick up light bulbs with the recommendations set out in the passport of the chandelier. As a general rule, bulbs are recommended no more than 60 watts. With more power, the ceiling can perekalitsya and burst. We have come to the last stage of work – functional testing chandeliers. Turn on the power and check the correctness of using the switch a bulb. Next, close contact joints decorative cap from the chandeliers and we fix it so that it could not see the pin connections wires. It remains only to hang a ceiling and all the decorative elements and the admire the work performed.