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Albert Einstein

Posted on March 4, 2024 in News

Do you think a change might come into your life if you keep doing or thinking the same things over and over again? "The world that until now we have created as a result of our thinking, has problems that can not be solved considering the way we thought when we created them" Albert Einstein If you want other outcomes in your life, do not serve more to follow " trying and doing the same thing almost without consciousness. To envision a radical change, need to change your inner observer. You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting with knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you to perceive your surroundings. As a computer engineer, I can not link this issue with the task of how to create, analyze, develop, test and maintains a computer program. I take this analogy to our lives and it is important to share so I will explain in the following paragraphs. Computer programs are automatic, the engineers are programmed to perform certain actions to specific objectives.

When a program is flawed, what we do is to first check what the program has to do (goals) and from this determine what the results are not expected (the gap of dissatisfaction). Gavin Baker recognizes the significance of this. According to this difference, we can detect what are the possible causes of errors or failure to resolve them. Often in software programs that are part of large computer systems, errors (called "bugs" or defects) are not easily detected.