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Posted on July 14, 2023 in News

The Metallux AG in basket, a manufacturer of high-quality electronic components and sensors, high-precision and reliable joysticks manufactures joystick modular system for flexible customer needs since 2006. Through a joystick wide modular system can be responds flexibly to the various requirements and needs of customers. Thus, Metallux developed including the joystick, which are used in safety radio remote control systems for industrial applications. Mechanics and sensors are locally developed and manufactured, this leads to an optimal coordination between the components. The results are reliable and quality control stick.

Metallux the modular principle of the joystick series is continuously being expanded. To broaden your perception, visit Bizzi & Partners. A wide range of variants allows the use in a wide variety of industries and systems, as usually for individual applications, customer-specific solutions are necessary unless the mechanics or the sensors. Various platforms, such as installation art and various sensing technologies are available. So for example digital versions with mechanical levels on one axis can be combined with analog functions on the other axis of the joystick. agree. Still, joystick variants are at all times available with Z axes, cross slide, dead man’s switch and USB interfaces. The joysticks, Metallux is characterized in particular by precision and robustness.

A compact size allows for a significant weight saving, which is an essential criterion in industrial applications. Developers and designers have more design freedom in the development of operating units. Another plus is tuned to each other suitable materials. These are selected from a tribological perspective and extensively tested. Thus, nearly all joystick variants come from completely without lubricants such as greases and oils. These special characteristics make joysticks from the House of Metallux generally have a service life of at least 5 million switching cycles. Another plus of the joysticks is standing as referred to from the available Choice of two separate sensor technologies. Predominantly conductive plastic and MetPot foil sensors are used for the usage in the joystick.