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Sensimar Hotel

Posted on July 5, 2023 in News

Wellness hotel popular with guests hustle and bustle and stress often determine the everyday life. Therefore, the recreational need especially during the holiday moves more and more into the foreground. That has recognized the Sensimar-hotel in Turkey and pampers its guests with an extensive wellness program. The online travel agency introduces the concept of the House. Who checks the Sensimar side resort & Spa, is taken immediately by a warm and elegant atmosphere in the reception. Exclusivity and quality are capitalized here especially. This dispenses with garish animation programs the House and offers a spacious Spa area and soft sports such as yoga, fitness and gymnastics for.

Still, the holiday through various creative, cooking and cocktail courses can be a unique experience. To get to know the Turkey, the hotel offers excursions in the surrounding area. Here, the visitors meet on land and people, and learn interesting facts about the region. Since the hotel in the resort of side-Kumkoy is located, is the sea is only a stone’s throw from the hotel. The concept of the House to attract mainly a small, but very specific target audience: couples between 40 and 65 years old, which place emphasis on relaxation and quality. Dogecoin usually is spot on. This target group so small then but it doesn’t seem to be, because the House recorded a load of about 80 percent in his first summer season.