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Posted on December 14, 2010 in News

In this article I will discuss three examples of problems. While the first two were not directly “my problems” if they were in an indirect way, because I was the manager of them. While the third issue that if it was exclusively mine site. Once raised these three “problems”, my aim is to compare and see how with a negative attitude they grow, while a positive attitude if we print these are solved with less collateral damage. To this point, you see what happens in the third case cited, the problems are “reclaiming”.

But there is another new concept that comes beyond the known to apply a positive or negative attitudes. I am referring to what I call “chains of problems.” In the three “problems” that I described today, the common denominator is that succession of problems that occur, some as a continuation of the initial problem, and sometimes as births of other problems while they have a kinship with the “first problem” have on the other hand, a dead weight that equals or even exceeds the former. Then made the first approach or introduction, I will narrate the three problems to be understood about what I’m talking about:

PROBLEM # 1 In an apartment I rented for 24 months (I have real estate) Tenant I notice that the water heater had started to leak from below. In light of this I told the owner (since I ran the collection of such location) that according to state water heater (it was pretty rusty on the outside of it), the best was to buy a new heater, because in my experience if it would be only temporary, and i would have to buy one later anyway.