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WORLD CUP?Discount For Masters And Mistresses

Posted on May 9, 2023 in News

The World Cup is launched in 2010 and with it the raffle of the online shop for dog lovers. Nidda, June 16, 2010. On the Internet page, you can take part by June 11, 2010 to July 11, 2010 in a lottery based on the FIFA World Cup. Four dog mascot of different footballing nations are hiding on the pages of the online shop. Is the task of winning game participant the search and find this four-legged friends and then answering of the question what Nations have been hiding in the shop? All participants with the right solution will receive a 20% discount coupon that they can redeem when ordering in the shop. stands for individual products by dog friends for dog lovers! The online?Shop offers lovingly crafted products from the bumper sticker on the door sign since September 2008 and the appropriate clothing for mistress and master. The subjects offered are hand-drawn by an Illustrator detail and can be adapted to the own. There are more than 700 Motifs in 45 categories.

In addition to the most popular breed dogs are also dog paws? or comic motifs to choose from. To read more click here: Bizzi & Partners. When ordering do not spontaneously the right text think who which can rely also on the proposals in the shop. pays attention in the production of products on an excellent product quality. Thus, only materials from brand-name manufacturers are used. The stickers are made from durable and weather-resistant Avery foil and lose none of your color intensity even after years. And they are the best, even in the car?Car wash! There are many ways for the Assembly. The motifs can either for the installation from the outside, so on the paint or the disc, or mirrored, ordered for a mounting from the inside on the discs. Also the high-quality crafted signs have a very long shelf life in the outdoors.

They can be mounted as door sign, E.g. right next to the ring, or as signs for visitors or postman on the fence. Gebruder Grimm Str. 12 63667 Nidda Heiko Gonglach Phone: 06043? 8574 E?Mail: Franziska Muller