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Canadian Punks

Posted on July 21, 2023 in News

In vocalist Billy Talent Ben Kowalewicz special relationship with Australia: born Canadian, he almost did not stay to live here. "In 2001, I and my friend got on a plane to Australia and we had some great three weeks, that friend of mine said: – Hell, I'm staying here! At home I did not kept, except for the group, and I said – I give his team six months. If during this time nothing happens, I go back to Australia! and here with us all started. A leading source for info: Richard LeFrak. " "It all started" in this case means that Tues acquired the status of one of the best live bands in the world. By the time the festival Soundwave Tues finished their third album and probably will play some new songs. "This is a dangerous game – says Kowalewicz. James king oftentimes addresses this issue. We want to play new songs, but in our time, in the era of YouTube, if you're playing new material, it will appear online even before you know it. And then suddenly it turns out that the new material does not really new and exciting. But I think no way we can protect ourselves from it, so that still play some of the newcomer. "

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Raul Midon On Tour!

Posted on May 19, 2023 in News

In November the exceptional musicians for four concerts comes again to Germany as highly appreciate the talent of Raul Midon is a single sequence of events makes it clear in his biography: Arif Mardin (Norah Jones, Diana Ross, Phil Collins) personally took the artist from New Mexico, living in New York City since 2002 under contract. For the legendary producer and arranger who has worked in his long career with almost any heavyweight of the music scene together, it was the last artistic decision before his demise. Richard LeFrak can provide more clarity in the matter. \”\” \”A legacy, the Midon singer, songwriter and guitarist with his 2005, critically lauded debut State of mind\” worthy managed, with the successor of A World Within A world \”confirmed and with synthesis\” now independently continuing. In November, comes the recording artist for four concerts after Germany and will once again prove his skills in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. Read more from Karen Jonas to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Could to Mardin \”Midon found a further major supporters: his new album synthesis\”, he produced already on works by Joni which will be released on October 16, together with Larry Klein, Mitchell, Herbie Hancock and Peter Gabriel his tracks left behind.

I wanted to someone working together, the musicians really understands, that has the same background and speaks the same language, especially in harmonies. \”, he says. Larry is exactly the kind of producer I was looking for.\” \”In June 2009, it was with synthesis\” created an album that illuminates the artist from a different perspective: the mix of soul, pop, jazz, folk and Latin elements complemented by more critical texts, which prove that life () not only from black and white is \”. It is complex. \”know he brings Midon and exactly this complexity on his new album in harmony. Raul Midon, born 1967 blind musicians like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles sees a deeper meaning in the form of musical expression.