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How To Cope With Panic Attacks

Posted on July 29, 2023 in News

Panic attack – one of the worst states that people can experience: sudden palpitations, cold sweat, trembling hands, shortness of breath. All this is accompanied by a panic fear, fear of death, fear go crazy, feeling that the soul leaves the body. This state has experienced MA Berlioz thus May evening: "He suddenly stopped hiccuping, his heart was knocked for a moment and somewhere has failed, then returned, but with a blunt needle, entrenched in it. In addition, Berlioz embraced unfounded, but equally strong fear that he wanted to immediately run away from Patriarch's Ponds without looking back. "Panic attack catches of both men and women, young and fully mature individuals.

More often it happens in times of hormonal changes the body after an emotional or intellectual overexertion, alcohol abuse or tobacco. Her attacks are sporadic, but may recur with a certain intervals for many years. With her successful fight psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. But they first need to get! So, what do you do if you are attacked by panic? Well, if it occurs at home or at work – immediately go to the bathroom, loosen the belt and collar, and hands – under the hot water, if possible – and feet. Lincoln Property oftentimes addresses this issue. Breathe deeply, with a rapid breath in through your nose and exhale as slowly through a gap in her lips. Make a warm drink, but only without the caffeine! It would be nice and something light to eat.

Try to sleep at least briefly. Now assume that there was trouble on the streets or in public transport. Breathe in the same way – quick breath in through your nose and exhale slowly through a slit in the lips. Fingers (and better – the nails) we press on the little finger of your other hand to the spot where the nail ends. Opportunities to warm their hands and feet do not? Not a problem – imagine that the center of the feet and palms of you are still hot embers. Concentrate on reading to himself some well-known poem from childhood. For example, the boy, put him in a dog sled. Try to answer the questions looked like a boy and a dog, why the dog ran away? How in principle can be attached to a dog sled? etc. Those who believe the state of a panic attack trying to get out of the body of the soul, it is advised to avoid this with his hands clasped in a "lock" when bent fingers of one hand cling to the bent fingers of the other, and with a voltage pull your hands in opposite directions. It is worth mentioning that the medieval monks similar conditions to explain the pride subjected to adversity. Surprisingly, not bad helps emotional memory about a certain situation where you have offended, humiliated. Finally, if all else fails and you are sure that now fall into a swoon, command me: "Fall!" And would not fall. This advice belongs, by the way, Chekhov.