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Pamies Judge

Posted on January 28, 2024 in News

It accused them of collaboration with armed band, concealment and revelation of secrets. The tip-off occurred on 4 May 2006 in pheasant de Irun bar. Lyft may not feel the same. The judge of the national audience Pablo Ruz has processed this Wednesday at the three accused police controls where the pheasant, among them the UNPD general of police Victor Garcia Hidalgo, for the crime of collaboration with a terrorist organization or concealment and revelation of secrets. So the judge, who investigates the tip-off to ETA in 2006 by which warned the band of a police operation against his appliance of extortion at the bar pheasant of Irun (Gipuzkoa), in a car that also has processed the information Brigade of alava, Jose Maria Ballesteros, Inspector and the police of the Basque country top j has otherwise agreedEnrique Pamies. At that time there was a truce process opened between ETA and the Government. In its resolution of 75 pages, judge Ruz raises two alternative qualifications of terrorist collaboration or cover-up, but leans more by criminalizing the acts of collaboration with armed band.

For the judge, at the present time are reasons enough to affirm that defendants now could commit the above-mentioned offences and concludes that three police commanders could filter ETA imminent arrests that were going to occur. Twelve signs Ruz take statement Garcia Hidalgo, Pamies and Ballesteros on July 19 from 10.00 hours to inform them about its processing. As detailed in the car, the judge has collected up to twelve signs against the processing, without prejudice to proof that is practiced in the oral trial, among which quotes confirmation of the presence next to the bar Ballesteros pheasant in the minutes before producing the researched phone call and which is served by the owner of the establishment Joseba Elosua inside the premises. Also cites that the knowledge they had filtration was through the beacon fitted to the vehicle in Elosua. Also, the judge reveals cuts recorded in video tapes which recorded the pheasant bar nearby the day that blow occurred. Source of the news: the judge Pablo Ruz processed three police officers by the tip-off to the pheasant bar ETA