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Weathervane Construction

Posted on January 26, 2014 in News

Here we describe how to make a weather vane with their hands. Weather vane – a long-standing invention of mankind. Even in medieval Europe, particularly popular in the port cities of pinwheels. The main purpose of them was – to indicate wind direction. If the wind is blowing toward the city, it means that the trading ships will drop safely to the harbor, and there will be many different products and supplies.

Most often, pinwheels can be seen on the domes of churches and cathedrals. Gradually they began to be installed on towers and residential buildings. The most common and widely known form of wind vane – the cock. There are different stories, legends and tales associated with the weather vane – this suggests that vane is becoming not just a pointer to the direction of the wind, but also a kind of talisman or amulet home. Over time, the smiths began to produce real masterpieces, made pinwheels all polished and refined.

So there is another function of wind vane – home decoration, the rate of his personality and taste of the owner. In recent decades, this design element of the roof has been unjustly forgotten, and only recently began to use popular with owners of country houses and summer cottages. Weathervanes are the most bizarre and unusual shapes: animals, insects, ships, planes, zodiac signs, fairy tales … And remember well-known weather vane – angel on the spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is the symbol of St. Petersburg. Modern pinwheels often made of steel or copper. Usually the size weathervane for the home is 40-80h70 Weathervanes see smaller more suitable for installation in a garage, summer house or gazebo. Weather vane consists of rotating parts – the wind vane with a pointer to the parties, the wind rose and the rack. Let us and we will try to do the final touch in the external design his house and set it on the roof vane. To install the wind vane will need: * vane * Compass * metal bracket * combined * Rivets Riveters * Drill * * Drill for metal or die chaser (sweep) * washer and * nut wrench preferred vane mounted on the cap tube. To do this, the thickness of the metal cap should be at least 1.5 mm. 1. Set a cap on the diagonal metal bracket – brace. As the bracket can be use a steel strip of thickness 2 mm, folded at both ends by 3-5 cm Strengthen bracket for better combined rivets, rivet using. 2. Drill drills a hole in the hood under the rod diameter vane. 3. On end of the bar with the vane plates or threaded chaser. 4. We put on the nut and washer. 5. Insert the rack into the hole vane orienting compass rose by compass. 6. We put on a second set of washers and nuts, and fasten the rack vane to struts. Install weather-vane does not take much of your time and your house is literally transformed, having such an interesting decorative element. That weather vane accentuate the style and personality of your home, help you always know the direction of the wind and protect the pipe from blowing.